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High Precision Ceramic Manufacturing

100% Made in America!


Welcome to the home page for Chris Holland ceramics consultant and Incerco Technical Ceramics. I am a high-tech ceramic manufacturing consultant, specializing in the manufacture of technology driven custom technical ceramic components for customers who require a competent, experienced, hands on, US based supplier who can execute projects on a timely basis. My primary focus is the manufacture of precision ceramic components with precise, exacting tolerances. My specialty is the manufacture of precision cylindrical parts and specialty type parts that other companies may have difficulty in producing.

My capabilities and expertise are diverse and include:

Ceramic Tooling

I consider myself to be the finest ceramic tool maker in North America by actively supplying the battery, pharmaceutical, automotive, and semi-conductor industries with precision ceramic tooling with over 25 years experience. If you require ceramic tooling for your plant or manufacturing facilities, I am an ideal candidate to supply your needs.

My material manufacturing technology is second to none and based upon achieving near theoretical properties out of our ceramics and outstanding mechanical properties. I am extremely versed in dealing with tenths tolerances, and can accurately split tenths and comfortably deal in millionths tolerances if needed. I am a complete, no-excuses ceramist that makes world class ceramic components.

My experience

I have over 25 years of proven success within the following areas:

  • Government labs and entities
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Specialized contract manufacturing
  • Niche ceramic technologies

Government Labs & Entities

I have extensive experience making parts, prototypes and research pieces for government agencies and organizations. My experience includes pieces for NASA, Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, Department of Defense, and Department of Energy. From parts in the International Space Station, classified military projects, and nuclear warhead components, I am the ceramist that entities turn to for help when none other can produce successful results.


I have worked extensively with original equipment manufacturers who require that purchased parts will perform as needed. My experience includes working on small to medium sized volume runs of critical, high quality parts.  I have extensive experience in running high volume fluid handling components that were cost sensitive. My focus is on high quality parts and delivering results for businesses looking for the same.  Businesses who value the durability, precision and performance of highly critical parts can be assured that I will meet your needs in a timely fashion.

Specialized Contract Manufacturing


I have worked with many Fortune 500 businesses on technology based development projects that are in their infancy or outside of their onsite capabilities, staff expertise or core business function.  I am your ideal candidate if you are looking for a competent, experienced ceramic professional who can work closely with your staff on state of the art ceramic technology issues under full secrecy agreements and full confidentiality.

I offer your business the ability to fully customize the entire production process to fit your specific needs by fully developing the needs and specifications of your project and then defining the clearest way to achieving those goals.  I also offer insight and expertise for businesses looking for precision parts without the technical abilities, manufacturing capabilities or technical knowledge of the parts they are looking for.


As a highly specialized ceramics manufacturing expert, my track record of working with a variety of projects and technologies translates into a cost efficient execution of your project.


Niche Ceramic Technologies

I offer a variety of niche focused ceramic product and services to customers, including toll pressing, toll firing, contract green machining and contract precision diamond machining and grinding.  I also manufacture and sell isostatically pressed green ceramic billets.

I am available to discuss your project

I would be happy to meet with your business further to discuss my services and capabilities and how I can help your business achieve its goals.  Please email me at [email protected] or call me at (765) 561-1441.



Chris Holland Ceramics
(765) 561-1441
PO Box 126
Rushville, IN 46173